Thursday, January 14, 2010

Welcome to 2010!

Happy New year everyone! For us, a new year means a (slightly) new name: Obleek is now Obleek Bouteek!

I've mentioned on here before the confusion regarding Obleek Bags vs. Obleek Design Studio (my graphic design company). The problem was, I usually just referred to our sewing business as Obleek, because Obleek Bags sounded lame and yet we couldn't think of something else to differentiate it. In turn, I also referred to the design business as Obleek, since Obleek Design Studio is great, but quite a mouthful. It was making things very confusing.

One day I was daydreaming about owning an actual physical store filled with all of our products. I wanted my fantasy store to have a cute, funky boutique feel. And that led me to what I would call it... Obleek Bouteek! An actual store may be out of the picture for now, but with our business growing and with our goals of entering into the craft show market this year, the name was a perfect fit. So Obleek Bouteek it is!

Shortly you will be able to visit this site via instead of The latter will still work until the domain expires, but if you have bookmarks you'll want to change them eventually. We're also working on an actual website with our new name instead of just a blog, and this will have a new look as well as an online store separate from Etsy.

In the meantime, we are continuing to sew up a storm with custom orders and making stock items, so please continue to visit for all your purchases.

Also, keep an eye on our blog over the next couple of weeks, as I am brewing up a sale for some of our products.

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