Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy Holidays from Obleek!

Well, we did it. Thanks to Canada Post's expedited service for small business, all of our holiday orders made it out and barring any postal delays (*knocks wood*) all orders should get to their recipients in time for the big day.

My mom and I have been working full-time non-stop since October 5th, and let me tell you, we are burned out. We know that there will have to be some changes to Obleek over the next while to make this a sustainable business for us, and so that we can continue to provide the best products and service possible. We were fortunate enough to acquire some help this Holiday season for cutting and packaging, but even that did only a little to help alleviate some of the stress and pressure.

Now we find ourselves 9 days away from Christmas (when did it sneak up like that??) with mile long to-do lists that we would normally start tackling in the beginning of December!

Thank-you to everyone for their patience and understanding during this crazy season, and as always, we will continue to make improvements to Obleek to benefit both our customers and ourselves. Because we're no good to you if we're drooling, babbling basket cases ALL the time. Heh.

A couple of things we're working on for 2010:
  • some shipping and product prices will be increasing (boo, I know)
  • a couple of new bag designs will be added (yay!)
  • we will be trying our hand at local craft sales and markets and possibly a bigger show this spring (yay for locals!)
  • a website of our own for easier custom ordering (being a web designer with a programmer hubby has it's perks)
  • a slight name change that will differentiate us from my design company a bit better (I can't wait to share this!)
Thanks again everyone for your continued support! For all those who placed orders after our holiday deadline, we haven't forgotten about you. We're still filling orders at a steady pace!

Best wishes from our family to yours this holiday season!

-- Katie & Her Mom

P.S. A message from my mom:

To keep your bags and straps looking like new for longer, try spraying them with Scotch Guard or a similar product so that stains and liquids are repelled. Be sure to follow the product directions, and test a small inconspicuous area first. This is especially helpful to bags made out of light colours that attract stains the most (ie Sofia, Sophistica, etc).

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