Monday, October 19, 2009

The Official Deal on the "At Par Discount"

We are thrilled to have so many Canadian customers, and one thing that Obleek has been offering from almost the beginning is the selling of our wares at par to the Canadian dollar for Canadian Customers who ask. At the moment it's not quite the deal it has been in the past, and if the dollar stabilizes we will phase it out, but for now it's still an offer available to every Canadian customer.

Because we have had so many people requesting this offer, we had to sit down and set some terms for this discount. The following is directly cut and pasted from our Policies Page on Etsy.
Canadian At Par Discount

For our fellow Canadians, we do offer an at par discount so that you are paying for the item in Canadian funds vs. USD (for instance, if an item costs $30 USD you would pay $30 CAD).

Here are the terms of this discount:

1) To qualify for this discount, the order must be purchased from and shipped to a Canadian address.

2) You must specify (in either a convo or in the message to seller box) that you wish to pay in CAD vs. USD PRIOR to paying for your order. We will not automatically apply this discount if you are a Canadian customer; you must let us know that you wish to use it. Please don't assume that we know you are Canadian before placing your order or that you wish to use this discount because you have used it before.

3) To receive at par pricing, go as far through the check out process as clicking on the “Commit to Buy” button, and stop there. Do not proceed to PayPal. Once you have clicked on “Commit to Buy”, we are sent a notification of your order. We will then send you a request for payment via PayPal to the email you gave when signing up on Etsy, usually within a few hours of your purchase. Once payment has been made, your order will go into our queue the next business day.

4) We will not offer the discount by refunding the difference after payment has been made. If you pay and then ask for the discount, we will let you know that the discount must be asked for prior to purchasing. It is a lot more work to calculate the conversion difference and to issue refunds after payment has already been made, and therefore is a process that we would like to eliminate.

5) The at par discount is applied to the remaining balance AFTER a Gift Certificate has been used.

6) The purchase of gift certificates do not qualify for the at par discount; they must be paid for in U.S. funds and will be applied accordingly to the balance before the at par discount is given.

7) The at par discount may not be used with any other discount unless otherwise indicated. Generally we allow at par discounts on sale items and quantity discounts on our lunch items and diaper accessories, but there may be exceptions.

8) This is limited offer and may be discontinued at any time without notice.

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