Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Few Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few our most frequently asked questions to make the ordering process easier on everyone.

How long will it take to make my items?

Production time currently varies depending on our number of orders as well as upcoming shows we are preparing stock for, and of course life stuff that gets in the way. To find out an approximation of how long you can expect for your items to be made, keep an eye on our shop announcement at The production timeline will always be listed close to the top of the page.

How long will it take my items to get to me?

Because our production timelines do not include shipping time, you must add the production timeline to the shipping timeline to get an approximate delivery date. We generally ship items on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays only. We are located in Edmonton, Alberta. Shipping to Eastern Canada takes approximately 4-5 business days, to Central Canada it takes approximately 3-4 business days, to Western Canada it takes approximately 2-3 business days. Orders shipped to the United States take approximately 7-9 business days, though if there are customs or other postal delays; it can take up to 14 business days. Other international orders will vary.

Please note that these are approximations only, and that we are not responsible for any shipping delays.

How do I purchase an item with Add-Ons?

You can place a custom order with Add-Ons one of two ways:
  1. The first way is to purchase one of our “Designed by YOU” custom listings for the item(s) of your choice. All you need to do is proceed to checkout after adding the item(s) to your cart. During the purchasing process, you will be given the option to leave a message to the seller. In this box, you will list all of your customization preferences that are included in the base price for that item. You will then also list any additional Add-Ons you want to purchase for that product. When you have completed this, go as far through the process as clicking on the “Commit to Buy” button, and stop there. Do not proceed to PayPal. Once you have clicked on “Commit to Buy”, we are sent a notification of your order. We will then send you a request for payment via PayPal to the email you gave when signing up on Etsy, usually within a few hours of your purchase. This request for payment will be for the revised amount including your Add-Ons. Once payment has been made, your order will go into our queue the next business day.

  2. The second way to purchase an item with Add-Ons is to send us a Convo with your order request. This method is especially beneficial to those placing large orders, as you will be paying more accurate combined shipping costs upfront. In your request, include all the items you wish to order, as well as all the customization preferences for each item along with any Add-Ons you wish to purchase. Once we receive your order, we will contact you with a link to your reserved listing and further instructions. Please note that if we receive many requests on one day, your order request may be set-up the next business day in order to spread out orders. If this happens, we will let you know. These requests will be processed in the order upon which they are received, and (as in the method above) once payment has been made, your order will go into our queue the next business day.
What if the fabric I want is not in your fabric album?

We have made every effort to ensure that our fabric albums will be up to date prior to our re-opening. If you don’t see a fabric previously listed in one of our albums, it means that the fabric is no longer available and/or we won’t be re-stocking it. If a fabric is currently out of stock but is on re-order, it will say so under that fabric within its description. It will also say if that fabric is low and if we will be able to re-order it or not.

When ordering, we always recommend choosing more than one fabric, as with a large amount of orders, it is sometimes impossible to know if we will have enough until we get very close to cutting and sewing your order.

You also have the option of selecting a fabric we do not carry. There are additional fees involved and this will add more time to the production time of your item. Please Convo us to discuss this prior to placing your order.

Which fabric should I choose; Quilter’s Cotton or Home Décor?

The simple answer to this question is that Quilter’s Cotton is best for our smaller items, especially those that require frequent washing. Home Décor is best for any of our bags, as it will always be more durable since it’s thicker. However, while Home Décor fabric comes in some amazing designs and patterns, it doesn’t compare to the variety offered in Quilter’s cotton.

Regardless of which fabric you choose, your Obleek bag will be reinforced with sturdy interfacing and a thick, durable cotton lining. But, if we’re talking long term durability, Home Décor fabric will win every time.

I love my Obleek product, but it is smaller/bigger than I expected!

We do our best to provide accurate measurements for each of our products and take pictures that do not deceive our customers as to its true size. If you are concerned about the size of a product, we encourage you (prior to ordering) to measure it out against something you already own. A simple way to do this is to use a tape measure, a length of rope or a piece of paper cut to size. If you are buying the product for a specific item to fit into (ie: laptop), measure that item ahead of time to be sure it will fit, or let us know what you have in mind when ordering as we may recommend another product to better suit your needs.

Can I alter the dimensions of the product(s) I have chosen?

It depends on the product and our current workload at the time of your order. Certain items (ie: the Zoey) cannot be adjusted without redrafting the entire pattern. This can be quite time consuming, and as such, is not something we can offer at this time. We encourage you to look at our Product Selection Guide and compare the dimensions and customization options available for each item in the hopes that you will find something suitable. Please note that any size adjustments may require an additional fee, and there is every possibility we will not be able to accommodate your request.

Do you offer any discounts or promotions?

We have a few different quantity discounts available to help reduce the costs of your purchase.
Our reusable lunch items and cup cozies have 2 different price breaks for quantity purchasing. If you order 3 or more of these items, you will receive a 10% discount; order more than 6 and you receive a 15% discount.

Diaper bag accessories (dew dew bags, change mats and diaper clutches) are also discounted for quantity orders. If you order 2 or more of these accessories to make a set (with a diaper bag), you will receive a 10% discount. Sorry, this discount only applies to the accessories, not the diaper bag itself.

As for any of our bags and straps (including lunch bags), if you purchase 5 or more items, you will receive a 10% discount (please see exception below).

We also currently offer at par pricing for our Canadian customers (you must mention this to us in the Message to Seller box upon checking out). This at par discount may be used in addition to the above programs with the exception of the quantity discount for our bags and straps. If your order qualifies for this discount, we will determine which program works best in your favour and apply it accordingly.

We plan on running promotions and sales on certain items in the future, so be sure to check our blog regularly for updates!

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