Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Changing the way we do Add-Ons (aka Katie broke some rules)

Sooo, we've been on Etsy for quite a while now, and I'm generally very much a rule follower, especially with online forums, eBay, etc. But apparently, since listing "Add-Ons" that are available for purchase separately in order to upgrade the features on our bags and straps, I've been breaking some serious Etsy rules. Oops?

The Etsy content manager contacted me to let me know that this wasn't allowed for the following reasons:
Listings must be available for purchase

* Each listing must be an item available for purchase.
* You may not create a listing for an item that is not for sale or sold out.
* A listing may not be created simply to share photographs or other information with the community.
* A listing may not be created solely as an advertisement. This includes notices of sales or promotions in your shop. Such information can be included in your profile, avatar, shop announcement and/or item descriptions.
* "Custom order" listings must be listed for purchase with a set price. Details about the customization can be discussed via Conversation.
* A listing should not be created with an unrealistic price in order to keep it from selling. You may price an item how you choose, but please be reasonable.
* A listing must not be conditional upon the purchase of another listing in your shop (i.e., saying "this item may only be purchased along with another item in my shop" is not allowed). This includes listings for item upgrades, shipping upgrades and "free with purchase" offers.
My first reaction? I was pretty pissed! Our Add-On listings make my life a LOT easier. My buyers are able to customize the bag or strap themselves without waiting around for a reserved listing or revised invoice. Plus, I pay for those listings just like every other listing. So I contacted them back to voice my concerns (and to ask "But WHY??"), and they told me something else: Listing Add-Ons also skews our sales.


Huh, never though of it that way. So while I am still annoyed (more at the work this makes for me than at Etsy), I am already working on re-writing all the listings to include the Add-Ons in each product description. In the next few days I will remove the Add-Ons, and you will have to purchase them by either telling me which ones you want in the Message to Seller box (and then don't pay until I send you a revised amount via a PayPal request for payment) or contact me so that I can set you up a reserved listing.

I also plan on contacting Etsy content, as well as making a post in the "suggestion" area of their forums, that they may want to consider an Add-On listing feature for sellers. Because Add-Ons were never a Katie Original Idea anyways... I saw it done in many other stores and thought it was a great way to handle customization. Etsy can still charge us if they want for these Add-On listings, but they should make it a *special* listing that doesn't add to our sales.

So that's the dealio, and you can expect to see some changes to our store in the next few days. While we're at it, we're also going to be rewriting our listings to make going the process of customizing your purchase as easy as possible.

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  1. What a bummer! I hope Etsy listens to your complaint and modifies their rules in order to make things easier.