Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back with a vengence!

Whew. It has been our craziest week yet here at Obleek! We've been back from vacation for a week now, and have barely had time to breathe, never mind update our blog. We have PAGES of orders and a to-do list as tall as I am (5'5" according to my mom, 5'6" according to me in case you care).

It seems that closing our store for vacation built up a lot of suspense for the ladies over at Weddingbells, and upon our return they have continuously kept the orders flowing. A big thank-you to all of them! Not only have we had record breaking sales this week (for us anyways), but we've had to adjust our business processes to accommodate the sudden growth. We now feel better prepared to deal with large quantities of orders. A good thing too with Christmas not too far off in the horizon!

It's hard as an artisan to stand back an assess your products to see what makes them great (or not so great). Thanks to these ladies, my suspicions about our products have been confirmed: it's all about customization. What woman wouldn't love having a well-made bag made exactly to her specifications (with tons of awesome fabrics to choose from), and one that's affordable to boot?

We see a lot more growth and changes in the near future, so please bear with us as we make the adjustments. We promise they will be in the best interest of our customers.

Thanks everyone! We love what we do, and we love that people love our products.

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