Thursday, July 23, 2009

Obleek will be going on vacation soon!

We've had an amazing year so far with plans to make the rest of it even better, but to do so, we're taking a break! Well, sort of. From August 1-10, we will be putting our shop in vacation mode. I'm going camping with family and friends for some of it, and my mom has decided to use that week to pump out lots of stock for our store and upcoming local sales. Yep, that's right, I'm a big old meanie making my mom work in the sweatshop while I go on vacation. Haha!

So what does this mean for custom orders?

If you place your order on or before July 31st, it will still be made and shipped out as normal. Our store will be in vacation mode from that point on, so you won't be able to make purchases, but you can send us an email or convo. We just may not be able to get back to you until the 10th.

What will you be working on?

We, er, I mean my Ma, will be working on some new bags that we've come up with AND replenishing our depleted stock. We've got to start thinking Back-to-School and Christmas! I'm going to be cutting a huge amount of fabric before I leave so that all she has to do is sew, sew, sew.


  1. enjoy your time off - can't wait to see the new bags

  2. Enjoy your vacay! It is very well deserved, and congrats on the article in the Edmontonian! That is fantastic!

    I am also excited to see the new bags and look forward to ordering something once you are back!